What To Wear On A First Date

The long messaging and calling is finally over and the two of you finally decided to meet in person for a real date. Remember, this is the opportunity to make a good impression, start a new relationship and know each other better aside from the bond you’ve established online. It doesn’t matter who picked who, one thing’s for sure, you are concern about your looks and worried about what to wear on this special day.

Choosing the right outfit for a first date need not be so stressful. You just have to be yourself and most importantly, enjoy the day with your special someone. However, since making a good first impression is one of your goals, wearing your best style is a must if you don’t want your first date to end up being your last. Consider these tips when planning what to wear on your first date to look your best and guarantee a second date;

Formal Dinner Date

If it’s a formal dinner date regardless of the extravagant menu, women can choose to wear a charming slip dress paired with a leather jacket, piece of jewelry, comfortable heels and a clutch. For men, don’t wear anything too outlandish. Keep your looks in a simple classic manner by wearing a tuxedo or conventional closed front French cuff white shirt, black tie, black shoes and refined studs.

Casual Looks

A casual date is most likely include going anywhere, doing certain activities outdoor or just a simple walk. So it is sensible to wear simple and comfortable clothing yet highlights your best features. Casual wear usually describes your character and taste. Ladies can wear jeans, pencil skirt, tees and jacket/suit (in case it gets cold) paired with simple accessories and high heel boots to keep a classy but casual look. Now for gentlemen, a cargo shorts, polo shirt, jeans, denim jacket and long sleeves shirt paired with slip-on shoes or clean sneakers are excellent choices.

Emphasize Your Asset

Deciding what to wear is actually depending on your body type. Go for styles and cuts that would highlight your best body asset to make you look great. If your best feature is your legs, wear skinny jeans. If it’s your bust, then wear a bandage dress or v-neck. If you got a pretty face, wear dangly earrings to accentuate it. If you have a well-toned body figure, wear something that can underline your masculine shape.

In addition, always remember to stay away from the distracting colors and too many patterns dress/clothing. Choose cotton fabrics as it is more comfortable to wear. It is good to discuss with your date about the place or event you are planning to go so she/he will have an idea of what to wear. When dating someone for the first time, looking your best is vital because what you wear reflects who you are. Rachel Zoe, a famous American fashion stylist once said: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”.

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