The LGBT Dating Scene in Dubai

Although homosexuality is illegal in Dubai, the emirate has a lively LGBT dating scene.  The city’s vast LGBT community is mainly employed at major airlines. They meet in bars, clubs, and malls among other places. You’re safe in Dubai if you don’t come out.

Dubai is a beautiful place if you exclude the LGBTQ laws. It has the tallest building and one of the biggest malls in the world. It also boasts one of the world’s few 7-star hotels. Dubai is a major transport hub, making it a nice reprieve from a long journey. Another advantage is the low crime rate.

Because of its large expat population, Dubai has earned the reputation of a liberal haven in the Middle East, something like the Arab Vegas. Most of the expats here are from the US, Europe, and South Asia.

LGBT travelers to Dubai or members of the community already living there should take a few practical safety precautions into account. We’ll go into each one briefly below.

If you’re staying at a hotel, get a room with two single beds. There are some gay-friendly hotels, but they’re the exception rather than the rule. Avoid PDAs with members of the same sex. When meeting people on dating sites, exercise extra caution. Also be careful with social media posts. It’s best to set your profile to “private.”

There are obviously no gay bars in Dubai because homosexuality is illegal. Any such establishment would be closed immediately. A gay couple staying at the Ramada in Dubai commented that the hotel management wouldn’t let them stay until they agreed to get a separate mattress and put it on the floor. They added that a smaller hotel wouldn’t have let them stay at all or would have insisted they get a room with two single beds.

When it comes to Dubai TS dating, you’ll unfortunately find yourself even more restricted. If your passport states you are male, dress as a man. In Dubai, “men who imitate women” are prosecuted. This is literally the text of the law because transgender people are not recognized as such.

There are international sites that are active in the emirate, such as My Transgender Cupid. It’s possible to date trans people, but definitely keep a low profile.

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