5 ways sex is good for your health

Apart from a heart filled with genuine love and compassion, great romance in bed can bring some health benefits to the body. That satisfying feeling spinning around the brain during sexy times is due to the chemical called dopamine that works best by regulating the body’s emotion, motivation, movement and pleasure.

It’s a must for couples to have a constant communication regarding how they will keep a satisfying sex life by setting aside some quality time to be sexual and sensual together. You can have a rewarding sex life regardless of how old or young you are and the aspiration of intimacy is infinite. But best of all, sex is good for you physically and emotionally.

Let’s find out how a regular sex can improve your health through the list of the important benefits below;

1. Sex is a good exercise.

Talking about fitness, since sex is considered as a form of physical activity where the body utilizes various muscles, it can burn a significant amount of calories depends on how long or how intense you do it. Study shows men burn about 4 calories per minute and 3 calories in women. So try sexercise, it’s actually more enjoyable than hitting the gym.

2. Sex relieves head pain.

When you’re in pain, you become unproductive. In this regard, most people go straight with prescription drugs to ease the pain. However, before you rely on pain killers, why not consider sex first? Neurologists have found that sex can reduce pain by releasing the endorphins, a certain chemical that serves as a natural painkiller, which can in turn, reduce or eliminate head pain. So wave goodbye to aches and pains and get relief by engaging to a compassionate sexual activity.

3. Sex is good for your heart.

Enjoying sex, solo or with a partner could be the best thing you can do to get rid of heart diseases. Studies show a frequent sex actually lessens risk of stroke and heart attack. One major contributor of this is the adrenaline as the heart begins to beat faster. It’s an essential hormone that helps our bronchial tubes to breathe better, resulting good blood circulation and cardiovascular system.

4. Sex reduces stress and anxiety.

Chocolate is life, but sex is lifer. Men’s semen during sex can act as an antidepressant that saves women from stress and anxiety. There’s this oxytocin that increases its level during a sexual activity with a partner on which considerably foresees to lower negative mood and thoughts.

5. Sex boosts the immune system.

Sexually active individuals are not susceptible to cold and flu. Science explains that when a person reaches orgasm, the levels of immunoglobulin A increases, that has be shown to rev up the immune system and therefore prevent sickness like flue and old. So keep yourself safe by combining some quality bedroom time with your daily supplements.

Sex is great and its health benefits are endless. So if you’re feeling a bit stressed, sick or sad, go solo or find someone to help you achieve that healthy glow through some exciting and pleasurable activity between the sheets.

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